For WOW event Your Wedding is important to us as it is for You.
True to its name, We seek to give you the finest impression to remember by providing a unique memorable day. We have crossed the limit and usual cliché of fantasy and will give You a new meaning to reality…

• We listen to our client’s needs and satisfy them.
• We carry the load, literally, so that They can enjoy your
  wedding peacefully to the last moment.
• We arrange the program/equipment and provide technical
  support so it can easily delivered
• We provide a comfortable, remarkable environment to provide
  joy for the guests.
• Keeping update with latest Fashion and Trends
• We care and share your joy,your dreams and your moments

Taking the load of the stress, the anxiety as a first step from your life …… and making sure to deliver the most prestigious wedding similar to a Utopia on earth.

Points to Discuss with your wedding planner

• Budget Management
• Theme and colors
• The Venue Details
• The subcontractors
• The wedding plan
• Selected items
• Payment terms
• Coordinating with the venue
• Catering system
• Permission and restriction
• Number of guests
• Deadline
• Guest seating details
• Bride and groom schedule
• Planning your Travel
• Completing all legal work and paperwork